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"This is handy for those who need to ship products fast"

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The Surprisingly Simple Way To Launch
A 5-Figure Business In One Day

Hi I'm Yifan, the founder of OurBabyAI.com, a one page SaaS that has made more than $10k in revenue. And… it was launched in just one day.
You don't have to be super talented in coding, designing and marketing to build a profitable SaaS.
The truth is, you just need to make something people want.

What Do You Get From The One Page SaaS Blueprint?

You'll get everything you need to build a one page SaaS like OurBabyAI.com, and a private community of founders just like you to support you.


A SaaS landing page template that's highly optimized for conversion
($47 value)
with many more to come!


A backend boilerplate for generating images with AI and emailing customers
($97 value)
with many more to come!


A step-by-step course that guides you from idea validation to PMF and beyond
($147 value)
more content will be added!


A private community of SaaS founders building together and ready to help you
($197 value)
you can ask me anything!

Traditional SaaS sucks. One Page SaaS is much better.

Micro SaaS is the way to go if you want to build light and fast. Go to market in one day and get feedback.

Traditional SaaS πŸ₯΅

  • Clunky routing with many pages

  • Stress about user auth choice

  • Takes weeks to build an MVP

  • Fierce competition in a big market

  • Bloated SaaS with many DB tables/collections

  • Requiring visitors to sign up adds friction to conversion

One Page SaaS 🀩

  • One page is all you need

  • No user auth, no problem

  • Takes one day to ship MVP

  • Less competition with a target niche

  • Micro SaaS with just one table/collection

  • Visitors can make payment without signing up

Hey! It's Yifan πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

I started building startups back in 2019, and was perfecting every startup of mine (just virgo things).In my maker career, I had built a classifieds marketplace for 8 months, and an e-commerce price tracker for 6 months. After completion, both launched to sounds of crickets and made $0. I burnt out and it hurt A LOT.In April 2023, I said f*ck this shit. I'll just launch a landing page in one day, and continue building only if I had sales from it. It did, and the rest is history.I don't consider myself successful as a startup founder yet, but I want to spread my concept of building one page startups far and wide, so as to help people ship products faster.

What You Will Learn

Intro to One Page SaaS

  • What's a one page SaaS

  • Why make a one page SaaS

  • Tech stack and monthly cost

Build MVP In One Day

  • Build your landing page with my Carrd template

  • How is the Carrd form used for validation

Validate Your SaaS Idea

  • Where to market your landing page

  • How to fulfill your sales manually

Gather Testimonials For Social Proof

  • Why social proof is important for conversions

  • Which is the best tool to collect testimonials

Build Automated Backend To Fulfill Sales

  • Build your backend with my node.js boilerplate

  • How to host your backend service on Render

  • How to switch from Carrd form to Tally form

Launch Blog For Organic Content Marketing

  • How to launch a blog with no-code and make it work with Carrd

Add Meta Pixel For Paid Ads Marketing

  • How to add the meta pixel and code snippet for tracking conversion to Carrd

Add Analytics For Marketing Feedback

  • How to track where your web traffic is coming from

  • Which is the best tool to track your marketing performance


  • A recap of everything you need to do to build a one page SaaS

  • A motivational speech from Yours Truly

Is This The Right Blueprint For You?

I don't want your money if it's not made for you. Period.

The blueprint is NOT for you if:

  • You're not familiar with startup tools like Carrd and know nothing about tech

  • You're looking for a get rich quick scheme (leave this page please)

  • You don't take action for yourself after learning (hence no result)

  • You're looking for 100% guaranteed success on your first try (there is no such thing)

  • You're a perfectionist who wants to ship the whole app on day one (it's too slow)

The blueprint is for you if:

  • You're familiar with the tech startup scene and want to learn a new way to build SaaS

  • You can be patient with results, but impatient with actions (this thing takes time)

  • You can apply what you learn, and do some work (which is not a lot actually!)

  • You are willing to try again and again after failure (it's not painful I promise)

  • You are scrappy enough to ship a landing page in one day (we need feedback fast)

Praises for The One Page SaaS Blueprint

Don't just take my words for it. Hear what my members have to say.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Gumroad course ($147 value)

  • Telegram community ($197 value)

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🎁 $100 off for the first 50 joiners with promo code "EARLYBIRD" (13 left)

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